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Come to the land through inheritance Festival

 Hue Tourism - Come to the land through inheritance Festival
Hue Tourism - Come to the land heritage, through our Festival to promote international community of beautiful images, friendly affection, peace, an attractive destination of Vietnam, Hue's culture. In the field of cultural diplomacy, this is the place to meet desired express solidarity, beauty interact with culture and art of the peoples of the world's Vietnam. "
Hue Tourism

Mr. Ngo Hoa, Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People, the head of the steering committee of tourism development in Thua Thien Hue province, such assessments in the framework of the promotion "About legacy fixed domain capital, "introducing Hue travel with crew (Presstrip) from the North-Central-South of the country ahead of the Festival in 2014.

With this itinerary, not only introduce local destinations in Hue, but also connected to Da Nang (central tourist centers) in order to exploit the strong regional links.

About where to connect legacy domain

It is undeniable that the Hue Festival over the years has always been a desirable destination for domestic tourists and international friends to Vietnam. It was only a month 8th Hue Festival will be officially opened on the evening of 12/4 and 20/4 closing night with all of the "Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development."

Journey through the group started from the Ba Na, landmark is like "Dalat in the Central," amidst pristine mountains with a long wire cable car in the world (5,000 meters) elevation the difference between the gas station and less on the world's largest (1,300 meters). Also temple Lady Thuong Ngan Phong Linh Tu Tower and Bell had just finished floor on top of the mountain turned into a community where the spiritual works are concerned.

Truc Lam Bach-like picture wearing beautiful shine amidst immense lake waves Truoi and Bach Ma National Forest will be the connection between a modern Da Nang, Hue vibrant and a quaint, romantic dreaming.

Want to put your feet up by the phone, The Road, Tam agency, Floor Bell, Drum Tower, Phuong Truong, visitors to conquer the 172 stairs to meet you monks, listening to a lecture about the monastery, studying Buddhism and meditation .

Like a peninsula, from the monastery stands out far larger eye will bring the feeling retreats, relaxing and spacious rare when modern blue with blue water of the mountains, mixed with clear air.

Hue and places not to miss

Experience a period of Hue Festival is impossible not to enjoy yourself in the space as well as the ancient royal lifestyle and cultural values are preserved through generations of the oldest traditional villages.

If Bac Ninh famous for Dong Ho paintings, Hanoi noted with the Hue Hang Trong paintings assert themselves by painting lines sexism spirituality Sinh village, so far has spent nearly 500 years. And family States Huu Phuoc artisans are big saving cartoon Sinh village, decided to hang on to the job.

From Sinh village, cycling winding through green fields eyes and sniffed the clear chest stretch of country will reach the village of Thanh Tien paper flowers with a history of about 300 years (8/2013 last month received by recognized traditional villages).

In particular, on the journey to find the beauty of old, ancient village of Phuoc Tich from Hue city about 40 miles a destination not to be missed, which preserved the beauty of the countryside of Vietnam, many conservation traditional beam over a hundred years old. Where the river Lau gentle embrace this life. Where the ancient roof hidden under his humility fresh green trees.

About Hue, certainly can not ignore the Citadel to feel each breath past the monuments and if luck is considered constant reproduction guard ceremony took place at Southern Gate; the show is refined music, dance royal, royal opera; visit Thien Mu Pagoda, Temple Princess Huyen Tran ...
tourism hue - festival
Royal Dance.

And do not forget to explore the vibrant atmosphere of the Dong Ba Market is located along the northern bank of the Perfume River ever go into literature. The essence of the art of the famous cuisine of Hue picky are gathered here as Sesame candy, sauce and sour shrimp, spring rolls, Huong Need citrus, lotus seeds Tinh Tam; have both spicy mussel rice burning tongue in street stalls, tasting cakes of fine flour, cakes dirt delicate sauce with green peppers, try beef noodle bowl of steaming pork was ... /.