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Dong Tien o Thung Nai

Thung Nai is a commune Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh, to reach Thung Nai you have to go on the road 8km west PhD, followed by a path along the mountains, pretty much twisting and along steep mountain, after approximately 7km to go on this road will lead you to the wharf Thung Nai, where there are many tourist boats ready to take you sightseeing Da river reservoir. Sitting on a boat to enjoy the fresh air, admire the unspoiled beauty of Halong Bay lyrical on the mountain. Thung Nai is a perfect combination of mountains, islands and vast blue water. Along the way, the boat takes tourists had visited the historic, cultural and tourist destination famous Thung Nai Commune reservoir to better understand the country's northwest region.

One of the interesting attractions not to be missed when walking on the lake is the Black River Falls Coast. Caves are natives called up Fairy cave, really impressed with the stories reflected sparkling stalactites extremely mysterious country.