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Pho Hoi Chicken Rice

Speaking to the specialty in Hoi An, usually one right after the floor is high, wheat promo, white roses cake, tea, black sesame ... but it would be lacking if you make a trip to the ancient city that wander not enjoy chicken rice - a dish sold across the street as well as in restaurants, hotels no exaggeration to say that much importance to Hoi an chicken rice is much less common "brother" of it is Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore, and some even said that this traditional dish in Hoi An is the target market Hainanese chicken rice by the States were present at the ancient trading port of the central region of this very early.
But if you've tried both chicken rice above their obvious differences in both form and content. Hoi plastic beads chicken rice, dry, fat and more fragrant, so the rice is cooked (with fire wood or coal) with chicken broth, add a little pineapple leaf, maturation can be mixed with a little yellow chicken fat nursery.

Not cut chicken pieces (to the bone) like Hainanese chicken rice which give bone, shred with the skin, even more then mixed with spices, onions sliced, pickled papaya and vegetable laksa leaves the village of Tea Que.

Of course eating chicken Hoi An indispensable chili Korea Development is also specialties of Quang Nam. Hoi An and chicken rice taste very own, very different chicken rice has a brand in Singapore. Furthermore, chicken rice plate ancient city always comes cup hot broth with slices of the heart, liver ... chicken.

Some believe that the chicken rice originating Hoi An is about 40km south: Tam Ky, Quang Nam Provincial and Tam Ky chicken rice is also a well-known food brands long.

But there are similarities with the ancient city of chicken rice dish served in Tam Ky very different: chicken thighs cut pieces or units, to separate rice ...

One evening walking around the streets of Hoi An and the marina, leg fatigue, abdominal boiled starvation, nothing stopped by a restaurant or even just a street food presentation a couple of wooden table magazine simple, delicious chicken rice plate called, leisurely enjoy a fun life with the real price "soft", only about 20,000 to 25,000 dong.
Besides the sidewalk cafes, which addresses sells chicken rice has been popular at home and abroad have long known that Mrs. grapefruit chicken rice (22 Phan Chu Trinh), chicken rice Huong (48 Le Loi) ... ; Foreign tourists also known as chicken rice restaurant Mermaid (2 Tran Phu), her shop Ly (22 Nguyen Hue) or Sail White (34 Tran Cao Van) ...

In the address reserved for foreigners, plate of chicken rice is also higher prices for seats more comfortable, more attentive service. But perhaps the most famous restaurant grapefruit She has over 60 years of age (according to some locals, the bar grapefruit She was born much earlier, possibly hundreds of years).

It was a typical old houses Hoi An, the yin and yang tile roof moss, exterior walls painted dark yellow, green painted door without which the two panels "She grapefruit chicken rice" and hung on the wall bracket it is difficult to know which window is a renowned local real Chiam in the old town. Quan had only four dining tables, diners have to wait until later, because even have to leave ... out of stock sold by the shop only 10 birds per day, from afternoon to evening.

There is a special focus on making customers shop grapefruit She attention - that's not the food that is in the middle of the ancient altar. A blogger who writes about food when eating chicken rice shop in grapefruit She had interesting association: "The joy we seek to live by every possible way, or ugly or beautiful. Some people find it in the synagogue. And I found it the other day in a chapel of chicken rice ".