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About Cao Bang - Ba - Waterfall The Giốc

Cao Bang northeastern Vietnam. Border is adjacent to Guangxi (China), with a length of about 322 km border. To the west it borders the province of Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang. South of Bac Kan and Lang Son. Cao Bang has long been a land of rich revolutionary tradition, attracted by the historical - cultural periods of glorious struggle of the country, such as Waterfall The Giốc, crystal springs Nin, hang Pac Bo, Khuoi Nam, where President Ho Chi Minh first set foot upon returning home to lead the revolution for national liberation in the first half of the 1940s.

Cao Bang with a tropical monsoon climate with wind terrain so much influence from the waves of cold air from the north. Temperature changes seasonally large difference, summer here is characterized by hot and humid, the average high temperature of 28-37 ° C and an average low of 20-27 ° C, temperature up to 39 - 40 ° C. In winter, due to the topography of Cao Bang, it can wind climates similar to temperate, the average low temperature of 5-8 ° C and an average height of 18-22 ° C, a peak in the month 12, 1 and 2, the temperature can fall below the range of 2-3 ° C, low humidity, sun dry.
Tourist attractions in higher by:

With high mountains, forests, rivers, and streams have spread mighty, vast, natural much neglected virgin waiting for you to discover.

Ban Gioc: a wonderful tourist destination that is considered to be one of the many valuable gifts that nature bestowed Cao Bang. Waterfall quite high, are classified as spectacular waterfalls and the most beautiful of Vietnam. The large volume of water poured down through the limestone steps, forming a curtain of white spray. Even from a distance, visitors were able to hear the waterfall noisy echoes a large area.

So many visitors were tourists choose for themselves a three pools lake tour operators feel the descent to introduce and explore fascinating destinations "Giốc The Falls" has always combined "Ho Ba Swimming "

Ba: the large area around 500 hectares, located downtown Ba National Park, which has a lot of primary forest located on limestone with about 500 species of plants, in addition to 299 vertebrate animal species, including 49 species of fish Ba ngot.Nam 1995 Conference was especially freshwater lake of the world need to be protected. In late 2004, Ba Be National Park is recognized as ASEAN heritage gardens and is the UNESCO as a world natural heritage.

Ba with blue water like a gorgeous color range of unpredictable variables, time after ball moss green mountains, suddenly switched to blue when the sun emerges, swirled with bright yellow color of the shade, hue pure white of the clouds ... Ba create a sparkling and attractive to visitors strange, captivates even the most discerning guests traveling Ba.

Nguom Clams (Tiger Cave), Dam Thuy commune, district of Chongqing is the world of natural stone including thousands of different shapes, with the dunes as rice, yellow dunes, dunes silver, elephant, dragon, tiger newspapers, clouds, trees, flowers, birds, etc.

Thang Hen Lake District mountain Tra Linh. Here charming landscape with green trees on reaching its crags, reflecting the green into the water, according to bending round valley cliffs bumpy ground, the water level in the lake daily changing change often rise or drop.

Relic Pac Bo: Pac Bo Ha Truong Commune Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province, located bordering Vietnam - China, from Cao Bang town 40 km. After 30 years in search of a way to save the country and overseas operations (from January 6/1911), dated 28.01.1941 (ie the date of the Snake 2 January) through the 108 milestone, Mr. Nguyen Ai Quoc (Ho Chi Minh) has returned to the Fatherland (8-2-1941). Who chose a place in the Pac Bo and revolutionary activities during the years of the years 1941-1945.


Export Sli Na Giang, a specialty cake: Serves Sli is a specialty cake has a long tradition and is well known in the commune, Phu Ngoc Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province. Cake Serves Sli be processed according to traditional recipes, ingredients available locally such as sticky rice, peanuts, sugar and honey are produced according to traditional manual methods with different stages, such as furniture away, drying, pounding, drying, sorting, roasting.

Egg Cake is Cao Bang: Just about April, May each year, the Tay ethnic people in Cao Bang province together to find the egg is black forest cake on eggs is. Egg Bread is (voice called Tay Peng insects) and is made from glutinous flour, eggs and young leaves is hard. Egg is black in forest Cao Bang Thankfully, fat and high protein.

Taste Bitter Tea: Nature has endowed the country Cao Bang non bitter tea tree, with particular characteristics purple pink buds. Bitter Tea is just drinking tea, just as medicinal effect; Bitter tea drink you will be entitled to form 3 flavors; Taste of Tea Special Bitter, sweet and slightly bitter taste remains cool so long as you enjoy it.