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Da Nang Hotels Vian

  • Address : Address: C1 - 9 Pham Van Dong, Da Nang City
  • Area : Pham Van Dong Beach
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The hotel is located at VIAN C1 - C9 Pham Van Dong - one of the most beautiful streets of the city of Da Nang, hotel Vian will be interesting destination for tourists from near and far. With 80 rooms are designed in a modern style, Hotel Vian certainly help visitors get the day stay really comfortable. What is more special hotel just Khe beach - one of the six most attractive beaches planet Fosber magazine (USA) voted to less than 1km, the first swing-bridge in our country - South River 500m. In addition, all rooms in the hotel have been overlooking the river or the sea, that can easily help you see the "wonders" of this lovely regardless of time of day or night.

The location near the hotel:

- Han River Bridge: 0.5km
- US Marine Khue: 1km
- Da Nang International Airport: 2km
- Museums Care: 1.5km
- Marble: 5km


The amenities and services:

1. center conference room: including 2 meeting rooms with full modern amenities.

Meeting Room 1 (VIDI 1): 70m2, with a maximum capacity of 120 guests.

2 meeting rooms (VIDI 2): 150m2, with a maximum capacity of 25o guests.

2. Restaurant: Located on the 12th floor, with a capacity of 180 guests.

3. Bar

4. Services for guests to relax:

- 12 massage rooms, sauna, ...

- Gymnasium.